The Power of Energy Healing – Remote Healing
Remote or Local Qigong Healing
Energy Healing 
Distance Healing sessions are an incredibly powerful treatment option.  Now, not only is modern science validating this ancient form of healing but after almost 25 years of practicing energy medicine and remote healing, Anthony is seeing ever greater demand and an ever greater variety of benefits from this form of treatment.
            Energy healing is particularly effective for acute and severe health problems, such as acute or intractable pain, chronic or acute infection, tumors, cysts, and many chronic disorders.
            For people who are not able to be treated on-site at our clinics in Chicago or San Diego, remote energy treatments are a very potent option. They can be just as effective and sometimes even more effective than in-clinic treatments. 
How to set up a Distance Healing Session:
Step 1
Book and schedule a session online by clicking here
Step 2
Fill out online Confidential Form by
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Step 3
After you have completed the form save it with your name and email it by normal email or from our site by clicking here
Once you have completed these steps:
We will call you to discuss the session and provide you with further information.

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