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Conversations with a Therapist

Conversations with a Therapist


Based on over 20 years as a Therapist this book explores actual case studies where remarkable resultas have occurred. 

This book is not about solving your problems. It is about helping you to find the internal resources to solve your own. This book is not about getting rich quick. Only the unfortunate and stupid do that. This book will not make you famous, get you laid or make you new friends. Do not buy it unless you are prepared to have your world view changed or you want to leave on it on a bookshelf for posterity. Now more than at any other point in our brief history of being human, we each have the opportunity to live a truly specular life. Sampling all the riches that the world has to offer. By riches, we mean health, love, joy, happiness, and freedom. If you do what you love, then money will flow to you. If you are working simply for money, doing something you truly dislike then you are a double-time loser.It is estimated that the average person has 80,000 hours of productive time to enjoy and 30,000 Sunrises and Sunsets in a lifetime. Why waste any?Anthony is a Serial Innovator. His quest to pierce the veil of Māyā (illusions) is unending. Born poor, he made his way in the world using his wits and talents. Having spent the first part of this life in the high technology business, he had many crowning achievements and failures as CEO of software companies. Learning more from the latter than he did possibly from the former. He has owned Ferraris, BMW, Bentleys, traveled around the world more than a dozen times, speaks five languages. In his early forties, he recovered from a break in L2/3 without surgery and solely with aid of Alternative Medicinal Therapies. With his usual gusto, he threw himself into the healing arts and sciences, studying a variety of techniques throughout the world.Today he is the founder and CEO of many companies. He and his wife travel the world and have fun.

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