Digestive Support Essence

Digestive Support Essence

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The ability to digest physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual experiences, is at the heart of our ability to thrive and progress as a human being. Our capacity to breakdown, extract and absorb the vital nutrients, whilst eliminating toxins or materials no longer required, can be considered as the primary function, that enables the development of a calm mind.

From such a calm and balanced mind we can then aspire to achieve homeostasis with our environment, consuming only that which is required for continual improvement.

The Digestive Support Essence is designed to:

Help us achieve balance in all aspects of our digestive processes.

Supports and maintains a healthy environment, in which a balanced microbiome may exist.

These conditions may indicate a requirement for the essence:

  • Ingestion

  • Secretion

  • Mixing and movement

  • Digestion

  • Absorption

  • Excretion