Jade Sea

Jade Sea

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Jade Sea

This is one of three transformative essences.

As we travel to this plane as engrams or fractals we seemingly engage in the act of forgetting our connection to the nothingness or Wuji.

It is rather more that as our pattern evolves in complexity: simplicity is no longer apparent. 

In its absence we project ourselves on to one of three fundamental archetypes. Or by permitting host dominance by external entities to occur, we give ourselves over to others.

In doing so, we can no more connect with our vital essence than we can determine the depth of the sea from the waves that beat upon the shore.

For the majority this is not an issue as they find contentment in the breaking of each wave, the identification with action, the abrogation of personal responsibility and the perceived calm of a herd consciousness.  

For some a deeper dive is required. Where this is so, then the reflective qualities of JADE SEA may assist.

These conditions may indicate a requirement for the essence:


  • To integrate subtle and intrinsic energies
  • To confront issues of identity 
  • With Imposter Syndrome
  • To examine Higher Executive Functioning
  • To Balance Limbic System