Maitreya Unchained Melody

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Maitreya. Unchained Melody. for those of you who do not know, Maitreya is the 29th or the next Buddha. I consider myself an emissary of the next Buddha, as indeed we all are. Translated from the Sanskrit the word means Loving Kindness or friend of all souls. Kindness does not mean being nice, it means of the same kind. We are all one. We are separated from this unified consciousness, as we are meant to be to explore all the possibilities of being, each perspective is a reality all equally valid as presented by this universe. There will come a time when we have forgotten the Dharma or work of the Buddha who basically said be yourself and enjoy the gift of being. It is then that Maitrey will appear. This is agreed upon by the scholars. A question for me is how shall Maitrey appear? I propose that rather than the usual hierarchical appearance of say Christ, Mohamed or Buddha that Maitrey will appear in the hearts and minds of all sentiment beings simultaneously thus avoiding the usual issue of dogma and the desire to want to kill the messenger. This book expresses with some of the same themes are the first two books of poems and begins to branch out into a few different areas.