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My Phenome

My Phenome


Obesity is a biological disease coded within

your DNA. MyPhenome™ Test unlocks this code

so you know WHY you struggle and WHAT to

target in your personalized weight loss plan. We

use your unique biomarkers, behaviors, and

DNA to provide valuable insights to strategize

the best way to achieve your optimal weight

and health according to your phenoytpe.

As unique as YOU

Diet Medication Surgical


The effectiveness of an intervention is as unique

as you are, and MyPhenome™ test aims to get

you on the right treatment the first time.

MyPhenome ™ test allows you to focus on

interventions fit for you.

It's a b o u t knowing WHY you struggle with weight, s o  y o u  k n o w  WHAT  t o  d o !


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