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Nine Nobel Virtues

Nine Nobel Virtues


Once again I find myself drawn to the art and illustrative power of the short story.

 This particular series, Nine Nobel Virtues will also manifest as a place of being in Kauai. Additionally as a series of tattoos on my spine from my favorite artist in Bali.  They will be acting as a guide for me, a physical remembrance during this next element of the unfolding of life.

    Dreams and visions are wonderful to experience.  They can be brutal taskmasters as they sweep away all complacency and resistance to change. As an unforeseen and unpredictable tsunami of energy, their power is immense. 

    It may feel as though you are drowning and maybe you are. That part of you that refuses to go quietly into the night, that refuses to lay down without a fight. Measuring itself and in turn you through the sole construct of existence.                         In the realm of the Shaman, Nagal, Khem, Shadow Shooter, egoic death always precedes the process of transformation. Physical Emotional Mental and Spiritual, all planes must be aligned for safe passageway from the now to the new now.  To pierce the veil or ‘brane’ separating the ∼verses.    

                      The Nine Nobel Virtues first appeared in Norse mythology, a gift of gods, and then became truncated to seven to form the basis of the Japanese Bushido. The way of the samurai warrior, a seminal aspirational code of conduct. As you may find they are symbolically organized in threes, the sacred number of the divine. Interwoven around the apex of the triangle, the strongest two-dimensional shape, interlinked and entwined perfect illustrations of the facets of God. And now they are here, enjoy as you please.

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