In this booklet, you find the most up-to-date strategies, options, and resources to help guide you through the fog and maze of misunderstanding surrounding the impact of the environment, diet, and medical treatments that impact developing children and their families.


We work extensively with families who have children classified as suffering from ASD, ADHD, OCD.

In 2012 we began to record a number of children who did not ‘fit’ into the classic pathology as defined by this diagnosis.

We noticed that children who had been quite ‘normal’ up until a certain point began suddenly to exhibit a range of ‘abnormal’ behaviors. These behaviors had no explicable causation on the surface. A deeper examination of the children's health history revealed a

pattern of chronic sinus, ear, or throat infections and subsequent treatment with antibiotics or treatment for acute conditions with antibiotics prior to the age of three. This appeared to be linked with changes in the classical maturation of the brain. Ages 4-5 years Ages 7-9 years and ages 13-17.

So we began to classify the true cause of symptoms/illness. Complex health concerns are often missed. Sources of illness again often missed or obscured, the underlying root issues, underlying genetic variants, metabolic abnormalities, and environmental contributors/exposures, analyzing both laboratory and anthropomorphic data.