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Pgx Drug Sensitivity Test
  • Pgx Drug Sensitivity Test


    Tests Sensitivity to 190 FDA approved medications. Produces a card which can be carried in your wallet/purse or downloaded to your iPhone or Android mobile device for use in an emergency.

    Genetic Markers Tested for Pharmacogenomics: 

    Results are arranged by drug response. Each individual report contains six sections, including Patient’s current medication (if any), Medication history, genotype/haplotype/phenotype detail, PGx report, Genomic Test Results, and Patient Information Card. The inclusion of the PGx Report indicates that the tested individual: displays decreased efficacy to the drug (light green dots), should use the drug as directed (green dots), or exhibits increased toxicity to the drug (red dots). The inclusion of Genomic Test Results indicates genotype, haplotype, phenotype, or presence of a mutation.

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