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Politics Power Panic Pandemic

Politics Power Panic Pandemic


The world as we thought we knew it has gone.

We stand at the crossroads of major changes to the way in which we work, live, communicate and socialize. Possibly the very fabric of our societies will be forever altered. All by a virus. A piece of genetic material that can only be seen using the most powerful microscopes. Invisible to the naked eye, yet possessing the power to change the reality of our civilization.

Politics Power Panic Pandemic pulls no punches. 

We are not aligned with any framework of fear.

We honor those who fearlessly sacrifice themselves to aid others at this time. We examine the who, what, why, when and how we arrived at this juncture. 

Offering insights as to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual vectors of the current situation.

Examining the nature of the choices we face and how we might move forward with compassion to accelerate our evolution for the highest good for all concerned.

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