Spleen Support Essence

Spleen Support Essence

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Your spleen plays multiple supporting roles in your body. It acts as a filter for blood as part of the immune system. Old red blood cells are recycled in the spleen, and platelets and white blood cells are stored there.  The spleen also helps fight certain kinds of bacteria that cause pneumonia and meningitis. The Spleen controls the transformation, separation and movement of fluids. The Spleen separates the useable from the unusable parts from the fluids ingested; the clear parts go upward to the Lungs to be distributed to the skin and the ‘dirty’ parts go downwards to the Intestines where it is further separated. 

The Spleen Support essence is designed to:

  • Restore, Revive and Rebalance the energetic functions of the organ through presenting issues for examination and transformation.
  • Cleanse and clear the energetic pathways enabling quantum and scalar communication with the other organs.

These conditions may indicate a requirement for the essence:

  • Pain or fullness in the left upper abdomen that may spread to the left shoulder.
  • Feeling full without eating or after eating only a small amount fAnemia.
  • Fatigue and Depression
  • Frequent infections
  • Easy bleeding