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V 4 Vegan Recipes

V 4 Vegan Recipes


Here are the 12 main principles of the Rebalance 3 diet plan, along with tips on how

to follow them and a few suggested recipes.

As you follow these principles, you’ll see big improvements in your gut health.

Avoiding foods with added sugars (Read the labels)

• Eating non-starchy vegetables

• Eating fermented foods

• Eating low-sugar fruits

• Cut Back Caffeine

• Eat gut-healing foods

• Enjoy healthy proteins and fats

• Becoming gluten-free

• Reducing alcohol

• Maximizing your nutrition

• Hydration

• Supplementation

The following is a great way of keeping it simple once you have established your

kitchen and become comfortable with the lifestyle: These are suggestions for a week,

simply repeat for another 7 days and you have a great start for the 14 days.

Feel free to tweak the following recipes to suit your taste. Use fresh ingredients

cooking them lightly.

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