Informational Field Medicine 

The Essence of who we really are:

“My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe, there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength, and inspiration.” Nikola Tesla.

         All Life is vibration. When we tune in, then we can truly resonate and realize our full potential. Quantum Vibrational Therapies can assist us in achieving this.

         The consciousness of each therapy works for the highest good of every client by examining and helping to determine the issues which are of highest priority within the mind/body/spirit continuum, to reassess, release, or transform; ensuring perfect alignment with our full potential. PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL, MENTAL & SPIRITUAL balance.

At a cellular level, each essence is designed to clear pathways to allow the optimal use of subtle scalar energy by the client's DNA.

          This is, for most people, a process. We encourage the use of the therapies as part of an integrative approach to self-care. 

           We provide a wide variety of easy to use tools to ASSESS, ACTIVATE & RECORD your progress towards optimum health and wellness over time.     

What we do

We are here and provide a full range of


*Healy Selection, we help you chose the system that is right for your needs and budget.

*Auric Analysis

*Bioenergetic Balance 

*Chakra Assessment and Balancing


*Digital Nutritional Analysis

*Health & Fitness Programs

*Non-Invasive Pain Management



*Mental Balance

*Stress Management

*Tissue Regeneration and Scar reduction

All are offered either on a per session basis or as part of a total wellness package

The depth and the level of detail of the information are astounding.     We are always here to help you make sense of it and to ensure that you maintain a rate of progress that is in your highest interest.