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Study Group Host

 Anthony has been described as a Medical Intuitive, Healer amongst other titles, his first love is the integration of many techniques into healing sessions that honor and respect the inner healing wisdom of his clients.

He is a Licensed Holistic Health Practitioner with a busy practice in South West Florida, the MidWest 

CST -D Certified by The Upledger Institute:   

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CST is my joy my passion my love

My respect for John Upledger and each member of the community is profound.

When engaged with humanity humility and compassion, this modality contains the potential for significant change within it.

It has changed my life and reinforced the beauty in all things.

My dedication is to share unreservedly with all.

Vision Statement

To provide a structured forum that is responsive and accountable to the educational needs and welfare of its members.


Mission Statement

To deliver curated information validated by a combination of experiential and experimental data that supports the development of a caring compassionate and knowledgeable therapeutic community


Operating Statement 

To deliver the curated information via hands-on and remote sessions as required by the therapeutic community.


Requirements to Join

Your background will be in Craniosacral Therapy: Having taken at least CS 1 for the general group.

We have a number of sub-groups for Advanced CS* SER* Pediatrics*OBGYN*Immune System Response where completion of the required courses in the field is considered mandatory.


To Join

Please complete the application form and submit it to us for consideration: Your application will be held in the strictest confidence. You will receive a detailed schedule of planned meetings with topics, method of meeting, and dates upon acceptance.

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