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One World Training Touch is a rare blend of therapists, educators, and technologists who have come together, motivated by a single focus. Our passion is designing, developing, and delivering educational and training courses embodying the best Ancient and Current wisdom practices. 

We have scoured the planet, studying, examining, and distilling the best Holistic non-invasive therapeutic techniques of western and eastern modalities, from Japan, China, Korea, Indonesia, India, Tibet, the Middle East, Europe, and the Americas. 

We have combined these into a diverse yet coherent series of modules, ensuring that each builds upon the last; delivered in such a way that the information and wisdom of each course or event are easy to absorb, retain and apply in real-world scenarios.  

We maintain small class sizes, and provide continuous support via the latest technologies, to ensure that you receive the very best of us, allowing you to give the very best to your clients.

Courses in Reiki, CranioSacral Touch, Trauma Release

Immune System Balancing, Classical Chinese Therapies 

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