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Being Here
  • Being Here


    In this book, of 282 pages and 199 full color photographs we journey through and beyond the physical elements of Yoga to explore the deep riches that Yoga embraces. Our aim is to share with you a broader definition of Yoga, Life and the Universe while explaining myths and updating the teachings of Yoga. Yoga can benefit the everybody, the child, the aged, the spiritual aspirant or corporate suit. It supports, heals, confronts and moves us. Feeling better, Looking better, Being better, we explain how Yoga is the least expensive way of doing this in the Modern World. Yoga is not about becoming a human Pretzel, it is about unlocking your full potential. It is pleasure and occasional pain, it is stretching and contracting, it is active and passive—IT IS FUN. The book contains full color photographs of many classical Yoga Asana with "how to" instructions and the meditations behind the Asanas.

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