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The heART of Yoga

The heART of Yoga

SKU: ISBN-101517456169

The heart of Yoga is aimed at the prevention of heart disease through the mindful use of yogic techniques. In The heART of Yoga, Master Yogi, Anthony McGrath guides you through a set of simple postures that if practiced frequently and with regularity will help reduce stress, which accounts for 46% of all heart attacks. More over they may help you live a more joyous life and realize your true potential. The book contains many full color pictures with detailed how to descriptions which make it simple for the beginner to start and maintain a practice. Designed a complete reference guide, The heART of Yoga will stay with you as you progress and explore the wonderful person that you are and that you will become.IF there is one book on yoga that you need in your library, this is it.

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